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Value Added Services

Support Beyond Financing

In synergy with our financing solutions, we provide holistic services to support manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare facilities with all of your objectives. Whether your focus is on expanding into new markets, improving procurement efficiency, or finding the best quality medical products, we’ve got you covered.

Managing the complexities of international procurement

We provide a seamless and reliable supply of medical goods

Tailoring sourcing and distribution strategies to meet specific stakeholder needs.

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

Ensuring Seamless Operations and Market Growth


Comprehensive solutions encompassing procurement, logistics, and importation of medical devices.

Market expansion

Manufacturers can tap into our network to expand into new regions, as we provide support throughout the registration & sales process

Wholesaling & Sourcing

Distributors and healthcare facilities can find thousands of products from our network of manufacturing partners. We will invest in the registration and importation of products adapted to your needs.


Bespoke technological solutions to help you streamline due diligence, procurement, and client management.

Adding value to all trade finance clients


Source products from vetted manufacturers

Support on Logistics & Fulfillment

Support & funding for product registration

Increase transaction volume through deal structure flexibility

Receive best prices from vetted manufacturers


Expand into new markets

Offer unbeatable terms to clients

Support & funding for product registration

Increase sales through tenders and distribution channels

Support with international logistics & OTG deliveries

Value Added Services

Expert guidance and strategic planning in medical supply chain management


KAJ Medical offers trade financing, data-driven, technology-enhanced supply chain solutions tailored for the healthcare industry, focusing on efficiency and reliability