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Transforming Growth Through Financing

Picture of Ben Attal

Ben Attal

Co-Founder, KAJ Medical

Client Background

One of our clients at KAJ Medical, a growing healthcare supplier, was experiencing a plateau in their business growth, unable to surpass an annual revenue of $5 million. Their existing banking solutions were inadequate for their needs, preventing them from bidding on larger tenders or accepting substantial purchase orders due to a lack of assured capital.

The Challenge

The client faced significant constraints due to their limited access to flexible financing. Without the certainty of capital, they were unable to seize larger opportunities, which stunted their growth. Traditional banking methods were not providing the necessary support, leaving the client in a financial bind that hindered their ability to expand.

Our Solution

KAJ Medical offered a unique trade financing solution tailored to their specific needs. Unlike traditional loans, our buy and sale financing model provided immediate funds without burdening their balance sheet. This approach ensured they had the capital to fulfill larger orders and bid on more substantial contracts without financial strain.

Impact and Results

Within a year of implementing our solution, the client’s sales doubled, showcasing a significant leap in their business performance. The rapid deployment of our financing solution allowed them to focus on client management and sales rather than the complexities of fundraising for each deal. The positive impact on their working capital was substantial, providing them with the liquidity needed to operate and grow efficiently.


This case study highlights how KAJ Medical’s innovative trade financing solution can transform a client’s growth trajectory. By offering quick, non-traditional financing options, we empower clients to expand their operations, take on larger opportunities, and achieve significant business milestones without the stress of financial constraints.

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