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KAJ Medical’s Strategic Response to Global Syringe Shortage

Picture of Ben Attal

Ben Attal

Co-Founder, KAJ Medical


KAJ Medical is a leading innovator in the medical supply chain financing sector, employing technology to streamline and automate processes for its clients. The company offers a suite of value-added services, including registration, sourcing, and market intelligence to enhance its trade financing solutions. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, KAJ Medical addresses complex supply chain challenges, ensuring reliable and timely delivery of critical medical supplies.


A critical shortage of 120 million units across two syringe models posed a significant threat to Moroccan healthcare services. The urgent need for these supplies required a strategic, efficient, and compliant solution to meet the demands of competitive pricing, strict delivery timelines, and regulatory hurdles.

Strategic Global Financing Solutions: Bridging Financial Gaps

Central to overcoming the syringe shortage was addressing the financing hurdles that often disrupt supply chain transactions. KAJ Medical identified the discrepancy between incompatible payment terms and cash flow needs across different stakeholders as a potential deal-breaker. By offering $1.8 Million USD in innovative financing solutions, KAJ Medical bridged the gaps in required payment terms and incoterms on the deal, ensuring smooth transactions and fostering trust among all parties involved. 

Expanding Production and Ensuring Rapid Delivery: Sourcing and Distribution

To circumvent the bottlenecks faced by Chinese manufacturers exporting to Morocco at the time, KAJ Medical expanded the production capabilities of Revital Healthcare in Kenya. This was achieved through strategic investments in new molds and machines from Korea, enabling the production of the syringes in shortage. Additionally, the partnership with Momina Krepost in Bulgaria facilitated rapid truck deliveries to Morocco, showcasing KAJ Medical’s ability to diversify manufacturing offerings for efficiency.

Leveraging Low-Tech MVP for Strategic Advantage: Adaptive Technological Approach

In a strategic move, KAJ Medical utilized a low-tech Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of its platform to manage the crisis efficiently. This approach allowed for rapid adaptation to the immediate needs of the situation, emphasizing the company’s agility and focus on practical solutions over high-tech complexity. This MVP platform played a crucial role in coordinating the vast network of manufacturers and vetted distributors, facilitating the successful execution of the project.

Value-Added Services: Comprehensive Support for Partners

KAJ Medical’s response extended beyond mere supply delivery and financing. The company’s additional services, including the development of a bespoke Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) and product registration with Moroccan regulatory authorities, were pivotal. The SPA provided a clear and secure roadmap for all stakeholders, reflecting the complexity and scope of the deal. These efforts underscored KAJ Medical’s commitment to comprehensive support for its partners, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the supply chain.


KAJ Medical’s strategic approach to the Moroccan syringe shortage crisis is an example the company’s innovative and responsive solutions to supply chain challenges. By prioritizing financing solutions, leveraging a low-tech MVP for strategic agility, and offering value-added services, KAJ Medical successfully bridged critical gaps in the supply chain. This case study highlights KAJ Medical’s role as a trusted partner in the medical supply chain sector, capable of navigating complex challenges through collaborative, technology-driven, and strategic solutions.

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